Experiential Marketing Sheffield

Experiential marketing isn’t about manipulating people to do what you want. It’s about inspiring them to share what they love about your brand.

Chimp Marketing offers emotional, immersive and sharable experiential marketing experiences. Whether you want to wow your target audience with a one-of-a-kind branded exhibition space, or let them marvel at a clever promotional stunt. Chimp has the capabilities to engage consumers through innovative experiential marketing campaign, while keeping the core focus on your brand. We achieve striking designs and flawless execution by planning for every detail, including the unpredictable, ensuring our productions are strategic, functional, and most importantly on brand.

Connecting Brands to People.

We believe that exceptionally produced experiential marketing can build brand reputation and social engagement that changes people buying behaviors.

At Chimp we’re passionate about creating experiential marketing activations that people embrace and share. Moreover, our creative team can help brands experientially engage people in towns and city’s across the UK where they live, work, shop and hangout.

We can help brands can positively engage consumers via a variety of outdoor experiential advertising. Ranging from walking billboards, bicycle marketing and product sampling teams. Right through to ambient brand installations and Guerrilla advertising murals.

Experiential marketing agency services Sheffield

Want to make real connections with your customers though experiential marketing? Let us tell your story.

If you wish to discover more about the benefits of experiential marketing, contact Chimp today and find out how our creative team can fundamentally change the way you think about live experiential marketing.

Experiential Events

We help brands communicate though live brand experiences. Using events to tell your story, express brand personality and engage people.

Live experiential events are often the perfect way to make a deep lasting connection with your target market. At Chimp we can help deliver that connection in a impactful and cost effective way. Wheather, you need an event to promote a tech gadget on the High St, or a ‘Fire-eating’ dance-troop dressed as bears for your company birthday we can help.

We work with an array of content creators, event managers, AV production specialists, performance artists and staffing companies. Enabling us to plan create and execute any type of experiential experience you wish to deliver.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is the ideal approach for challenger brand that what to push their brand message to a young audience that wishes to think differently.

Traditionally, Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy in which low-cost unconventional means are utilised, often in a localised area or large network of individual cells, to convey or promote a product or an idea. This has changed over time with huge brands embracing Guerrilla tactics to market their products to a main stream audience.

At Chimp, we love beautifully simple guerrilla campaigns that connect with vast numbers of people through authentic, simulating and shareable experiences. Tactics that often lead to a viral campaign which can rapidly extend the exposure of any media budget.

We love helping brands get noticed and positively engage people in city neighbourhoods where they live, work, shop and hangout. We engage people via a number of diverse means: from creative poster advertising, street marketing, public relations stunts and sponsored art murals, to building projection advertising, costumed street teams, mobile vehicles, brand installations and influencer marketing. If you want creative experiential marketing concept, then we’ll find a creative, inclusive way to bring a Guerrilla campaign to life.

Exhibition Stand Design

Every exhibition stand is an extension of the company standing under it. You only have a few seconds to deliver the message that your company is worth looking at.

At Chimp we partner with award-winning exhibition stand builders from across the UK, enabling us to create custom built exhibition stands that look unbelievable and are specifically tailored around your marketing objectives and target market. Helping you win customers and ensuring that you receive a return on your investment.

We know the journey towards a successful exhibition, conference or event is seldom straightforward. It’s often stressful and usually challenging. However, Chimp can offer the most creative, cost-effective and impactful solution when executing your exhibition marketing. Our expert team of creative designers, project managers and delivery partners can deliver the best exhibition solution for your budget. Right from the initial planning and design, right through to the final on-site delivery and set-up. It’s all part of being the full service experiential agency.

Ambient Marketing Installation

Take an unconventional approach to your outdoor advertising with an ambient marketing installation.

Ambient marketing installations are a form of guerrilla marketing in which advertising or branded installations are integrated into natural everyday surroundings. It has the amazing consequence of capturing the attention of passers-by when they least expect it, thus making a personal connection between your brand and that individual. It’s a great way for your brand to really stand out and get attention from consumers in overly marketed areas such as city centres, shopping malls and retail parks.

At Chimp we believe in putting ‘real emotional impact’ at the heart of all the ambient installations that we create. From the initial creative work right through to the design planning and installation of ambient marketing. Chimp’s creative team and its delivery partners will create something that has huge impact, delivers your key message and adheres to your budget requirements. If you wish to advertise in an overly marketed location, then a creative Ambient installation might just be the key piece to your campaign.

Promotional Staffing

The staff you use are the face of your brand. So it’s essential they fit in with your brand values, tone of voice and ideals.

The core of every experiential event that we create is quality people that truly represent your brand. From brand ambassadors to exhibition helpers to flash-mob dancers and promotional models, we can suggest and deliver the people that will give your brand that much needed human touch. At Chimp we work with some of the UK’s top staffing agencies giving us access to 1000’s of amazing people that are trained to generate instant connections between brands and their audiences.

All the staff we use are highly trained to work within a range of different environments including, live events, exhibitions, festivals, shopping centres and sporting events. We handle everything in-house without the need for you to outsource crucial elements of your event. That way we reduce risk during the activation and keep your costs down.

Have a Project in Mind?

Want to make real connections with your customers though experiential marketing? Let us tell your story.

If you wish to discover more about the benefits of experiential marketing, contact Chimp today and find out how our creative team can fundamentally change the way you think about live experiential marketing.