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As a top Graphic Design Agency in Sheffield beautiful graphic design is always at the heart of everything we do. At it’s best it should have impact, evoke emotion and provoke response.

We understand as a ‘Propper good’ graphic design agency  there’s no getting away from the fact that, graphic design plays a big part in all communications. From sales campaigns and direct mail, to product sales materials and reports. We understand that amazing design is the glue that holds every great marketing and digital campaign together.

The Art of Graphic Design.

For us, it’s not just about creating a beautiful visual layer (that comes as standard), it’s about creating strong graphic design that communicates clarity in a beautiful and creative way.

For large-scale initiatives that demand a breadth of layout and design consideration, Chimp Graphic Design Agency can create all the supporting assets needed to make it happen. These can include anything from large screen layouts, page and device adaptations, illustrations, icon creation and retouching of photography, to banner sizing, print layouts and email design.

We can also create detailed style guides and presentation specifications to bring a little structure to the whole thing.

Graphic Design Agency Sheffield Services list

We help forward-thinking clients show off their best side, with amazing Graphic Design that really connects.

We love to work with our clients from the start. Whether you’re creating a illustrations for your office wall or looking to design a brand mascot, we help you succeed in your graphic design needs.

Brochure Design

In our Sheffield graphic design agency, we develop interactive digital brochures and creative tactile print brochures that will ensure that you to stand out from your competitors.

Engaging and easily shared, brochures have survived the digital revolution to remain one of the most important sales tools a company can produce. Whatever is thrown at them, brochures keep proving their ability to create deep, long-lasting connections and drive sales off the page.

Investing in creative brochure design isn’t a luxury indulgence anymore, it’s an essential requirement. The customer expects it, and they expect it to be good.

Using emotive imagery, engaging copy and appropriate design, we create sales-driving brochures that work hard to entertain, inspire, and impress.

Editorial & Press Design

We combine copywriting, photography, graphic design and print to create finely-crafted editorial and press designs.

Chimp Agency builds everything around a set of graphic design principles we always come back to: simplicity, clarity and elegant problem-solving. And we promise that nothing is included in our editorial designs unless it adds real value, with each detail carefully considered and refined until it nails your brief perfectly.

Put simply, by reducing noise we add impact. Which ensures you make the intended connection with your audience; amplifying your brand’s values through authentic storytelling, culturally rich content and visual impact.


The pen may be mightier than the sword, but the humble pencil is quite something too.

Thanks to a large local and global network of expert illustrators, our Sheffield graphic design agency can create illustrations that propel your product (via print or motion) to a whole other place. Our sensational illustrators can produce anything from a simple product illustration to a detailed animation storyboard.

No matter what your illustration needs, we illustrators, artists and animators with experience spanning advertising, graphic design, retail, fashion, packaging, publishing, editorial, digital and motion graphics, so we’ve got most things covered.

Promotional Material

Promotional Products that catch your customers eye.

It’s no secret that promotional material attracts both new and existing customers. But just simply having promotional material won’t create any impact. We live in a superficial world, where we all judge a book by its cover. That’s why great design is crucial to gaining customers.

Chimp Marketing understands what catches someone’s eye and what design will attract attention. Our experienced designers will craft ideas and create a finished products that will wow your customers. As any ‘Propper Good’ Graphic Design Agency we can design pretty much any promotional products you like, so whatever you have in mind contact us and we will be happy to help.

Annual Report Design

Chimp designs annual reports to deliver the right information to your customers, investors and employees in a beautiful easy-to-understand way.

The information within your annual report can have a seriously lasting and positive effect on staff and investors, so it’s essential to make it engaging and easy to navigate… And who said it has to be a glossy booklet? It could be a website or app, or be produced in both print and digital formats.

You might not be able to convince your CFO to eliminate all that ‘essential’ text, but with careful analysis it can be designed to be displayed in a more visually engaging and digestible way. Using professional layout theory, expert graphic design, copywriting, editing and photography, Our graphic design agency is able to craft annual reports with impact.

Company Document Design

Like a makeover for dowdy documents, our graphic design agency can transform the ordinary into the slick and professional.

The Chimp graphic design team have years of experience across all kinds of industries. We just love transforming run of the mill docs into beautifully designed and formatted documents you’d be proud to send to your client. It could be a proposal you want to look extra sharp to impress, or a new training manual properly formatted with the right styles and layout. Basically, when you need your document to stand out, we can sprinkle a little Chimp magic to help move things along.

Check out our portfolio and see why, even if we do say so ourselves, we’re the experts in document formatting.

Icon Design Service

Well designer Icons can take a app, website or brochure to a whole other level. Which is where good graphic design agency comes in.

It won’t matter how good your app or website is, if it doesn’t look amazing too, people won’t be interested enough to find out. Professional interface design and custom icons not only look fantastic, they also communicate clearly and precisely the quality of your product.

With our specialist knowledge in icon design and delivery, our Sheffield graphic design agency can create icons, characters, illustrations or interface design (ux elements) for web, print and mobile applications.

Have a Project in Mind?

We help forward-thinking clients show off their best side, with amazing Graphic Design that really connects.

We love to work with our clients from the start. Whether you’re creating a illustrations for your office wall or looking to design a brand mascot, we help you succeed in your graphic design needs.