Packaging Design and Visual Merchandising

You should never judge a book by its cover. However, people always do. That’s why beautiful packaging design and clever visual merchandising can help you stand out from the competition.

At Chimp, our amazing retail and packaging designers will collaborate with you to ensure that your product looks amazing from the moment it hits the shelves. We’re here to turn great ideas into innovative products and powerful brands; crafting copy and graphic design into packaging and visual merchandising solutions full of style. After all, first impressions count right?

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Great ideas into innovative products

Our experience in the wonderful world of packaging and retail design gives our clients a tremendous advantage. We’ll guide you in selecting the options that will most benefit your products brand (and bottom line).

Chimp will analyse your competition and the current retail environment for opportunities to differentiate your products through the visual identity, messaging and shelf presence; to create a truly compelling brand that is built to sell. Not only do we consider how packaging functions as a stand-alone touchpoint, but how it works as part of a larger cycle of brand awareness.

It’s our job to turn great ideas into innovative products and powerful brand visuals. We understand that first impressions create lasting brand associations.

Packaging design agency sheffield

We help you turn your great ideas into innovative beautiful products.

If you need packaging design or retail design services why not ‘give us a shout’ and we’d be happy to talk you through all your options.

Packaging Design

Amazing packaging design can be your best sales person. It can act as your silent (and unpaid) salesman, influencing potential customers at the point of purchase and helping to communicate your brand story.

From design to mass production our team can team manage the complete packaging process. Through our knowledge of design and the production processes, we understand that retail or product packaging does not live in a vacuum‚ instead it must create value in the real-world of retail.

Our team excel in designing user-friendly, practical, graphic design-led packaging that aptly expresses the quality of the products within. Trust us to think outside the box, all you need to worry about is coming up with the contents.

Visual Merchandising

Advertising moves people toward goods. Visual Merchandising moves goods toward people.

Successful product merchandising goes well beyond graphic design. It reveals a company’s brand; highlighting its core ideas and demonstrating its values. Our skilled, creative team work closely with you to cultivate innovative visual merchandising concepts that support your business – giving you the cutting edge in the busy retail environment.

If you’re launching a new product, or just want to get the best results from your current product range; we can help you protect your investment. Our experienced creative team and production partners can can produce print or install in-store visual merchandising concepts that will undoubtably get your products noticed, whilst listening to a brand’s commercial needs. Whether it be, flat-pack DIY displays or multiple store roll-outs or one-off installations, we will can provide you with a spectacular visual impact for your product that will evolve with your brand.

Product Design

With our product design partners we take concept ideas through to full working prototypes; ultimately delivering a product that is ready for mass-production and retail.

At Chimp we encourage open and collaborative partnerships with our clients. By working together at all stages of the product development life-cycle. From ideation to manufacturing, through to product design and branding. We can truly deliver a show stoping product.

As part of a multi-disciplined partnership we think that branding, user-experience and product design are inextricably linked and essential elements in helping you achieve commercial success.

Product Photography

You already know how amazing your product looks. It’s time to let your customers see too with some stunning product photography.

It’s no secret that great product photography will increase your products sales. Whether you manufacture products to sell in-store, or sell your products on the web, magazine or in catalogues you know the importance that stunning product photography has to your revenue.

At Chimp we partner with some of the best product photographers in the UK to craft images that don’t just sell, they tell stories. They captivate, inspire, and create intrigue. We understand that consumers rely on great images to make their buying decisions. Thus, we honestly believe that with creative high quality product photography your products will not only sell more quickly, but also command a higher retail price.

Have a Project in Mind?

We help you turn your great ideas into innovative beautiful products.

If you need packaging design or retail design services why not ‘give us a shout’ and we’d be happy to talk you through all your options.