About Chimp Marketing Company Sheffield.

chimp marketing company Sheffield is a team of marketing professionals. running a fun and fresh full-service marketing company committed to delivering measurable results for each and every one of its loyal clients, regardless of budget and objectives.

Leading Marketing Company Sheffield, Amazing Graphic design studio and Creative Marketing agency.

Chimp Marketing company sheffield is made up of a team of people from different backgrounds with different skills, but we understand each others abilities and values. The way we work on marketing campaigns empowers everyone to deliver amazing graphic design, web design and marketing campaigns. This means that C Marketing Company Sheffield can take on any project no matter the shape or size, we can build a bespoke cross-discipline campaign that delivers amazing result.

Chimp Marketing company Sheffield helps you stay ahead in an ever-evolving marketing landscape. Its what we perform day in day out. We work as part of your marketing team to deliver strategic  marketing campaigns, across the most effective channels for your particular audience – whether that’s social media, digital marketing, advertising, websites, blogs or video. Simply the best Marketing company Sheffield.

Our Story

Chimp Marketing is a small team with Big Ideas.

Chimp is a boutique web design company and marketing agency. Founded in 2008, Chimp was born by the desire to create beautiful and immersive experiences for brands and businesses of all sizes. Small by design, Chimp can quickly scale up depending on the size and needs of your project. With offices located in the Sheffield we are conveniently located to launch marketing campaigns anywhere in the UK. Chimp was built on the foundation of cutting edge technology and user experience in mind, whether that be online or in-store.

At Chimp we believe in a strong partnership with our clients, which helps us truly understand your business, audience & goals. We strive to provide the best possible solutions for each challenge, pushing the boundaries of technology and user experience.


Shafiq Shafi Co-founder / Head of Strategy

Shafiq Shafi

Co-founder / Head of Strategy

The gym loving, loafer wearing, fast-talking Pakistani Jedi sales master (and all-round smily nice bald guy). We have come to the conclusion that if Shafiq can’t sell it, it probably isn’t worth selling. With the uncanny ability to help people turn their business from loss to profit he is our go to guy when it comes to strategy. He also offers counselling services to all the other team members and is available for a session if you buy him coffee and cake.

Juri Knjazev Co-founder / Technical Director
Juri Knjazev


Juri Knjazev

Co-founder / Technical Director

Tempered from granite only found in the nether regions of Estonia, Juri come fully loaded with a hair cut from 1920’s USSR and the ability to code like the terminator. He’s so good with computers that even President Putin can’t beat him at COD. He can often be found wandering the office sipping the World’s strongest coffee explaining the wonders of digital world to any one who’ll listen.

Gary Neville Senior Project Manager

Gary Neville

Creative Director / Project Manager

Born down coal mine, only managing to escape by living in the internet for several years. Well know for his patience with developers who don’t know the difference between {braces} and (parentheses). Plus he has the amazing ability to take something from shite to stupendous in just a few clicks. Happiest when discussing politics, advertising or consumers buying behaviour with a glass of Brazils finest sugarcane beverage

Our Method:
Small teams working on big challenges in honest collaboration with our clients.

01 Strategy

We work with you to formulate a total brand experience strategy. Tailored to your commercial objectives and to be delivered in the right places, at the right times, in the right ways.

02 Technology

We love it. It’s forever evolving, and by embracing the latest and greatest technologies, we conjure incredible brand experiences for the here and now.

03 Production

We get to know you, your objectives and your audience. We’ll analyse data and look at customer behaviour. And we’ll ask the right questions and listen very carefully to your answers.

04 Optimisation

We gauge activity against targets and KPIs. We collect and analyse data, and give you straightforward reports on effectiveness that directly informs future activity optimisation. Increased traffic. Improved loyalty. Higher turnover.

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